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There are 6570 works of art in this category

Portrait of the Merchant F.G. Gromov

Varuhin, Matvey. 1841-?

Portrait of an Unknown Man

Ovnatanyan (Avnatamov), Akop (Yakov). 1806-1881

Mirrored Mountain: South Greenland

Kent, Rockwell. 1882-1971


Anonymous Artist. 17th century

Landscape with a Tower

Doomer, Lambert. 1622/23-1700


Schalcken, Godfried, circle of. 1643-1706


Teniers, David II. 1610-1690

Tanag Goslo

Behind the Fence

Bonnard, Pierre. 1867-1947

Two Youths in a Park

Sanders, George, attributed?-1846

Poultry Yard

Wijntrack, Dirck, before 1625-1678

Portrait of Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Jagemann, Ferdinand. 1780-1820

Portrait of a Young Man in a Fur Hat

Grebber, Pieter Fransz de, c. 1600-1653

Portrait of Elizabeth Petrovna

Anonymous Artist

"Portrait of a Young Girl"

Idolatry of Solomon

Vromans, Pieter Pietersz. III?-1654


There are 3819 works of art in this category

Portrait of Catherine de' Medici

Clouet, François, workshop of, c. 1515-1572

Sketch of the Installation. Sheet "Black Сircle with Red Cloth" (#422)

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

A series of 13 postcards: "Hitler as an Artist". Mamma

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

"The Front of the Stone Building on the Bank of the Neva between Krasny Canal and the Summer Garden in St Petersburg"

Anonymous Artist, first half of the 18th century

Boy Riding a Cow

Theatre. Plan of of the First Floor. Variant 5

Thomas de Thomon, Jean Francois. 1760-1813

Series: Stylites. Untitled

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Interiors of the Small Hermitage. The Eastern Gallery

Hau, Edward. 1807-1887

Martyrdom of Jesuits in Japan

Diepenbeeck, Abraham van. 1596-1675

Series "Bestiary". Gilles Deleuze

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Portrait of Grand Duke Alexander Nikolayevich

Hau, Woldemar. 1816-1895

Tavern in Whitechapel

Dore, Gustave. 1833-1883

Group of Trophies, a Bull, a Corner Part of the Door

Clérisseau, Charles-Louis. 1721-1820

Studies of Flowers: Mallow

Fohr, Carl Philipp. 1795-1818

Bird's Eye View of Volcano Monte Rosso

Houel, Jean-Pierre-Laurent. 1735-1813

View of the Valley near the Village of Mshatka

Kügelgen, Carl Ferdinand von. 1772-1832


There are 213 works of art in this category

Youth Seated Under a Tree


Mostaert, Gillis. 1534-1598

Portrait of Elizabeth Petrovna

Ericksen, Vigilius. 1722-1782

Portrait of Jahangir

Jami. "Yusuf and Zulaikha"

Portrait of the Crown Prince, later Gustav III, King of Sweden (1746-1792)

Anonymous Artist

Miniature "Portraits of Mikhail and Nikolay Kamensky"

Anonymous Artist, first quarter of the 19th century

Portrait of Emperor Paul I

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Relief Portrait of Children

Youth with a Lute

Portrait of Major-General Ya.A. Potemkin, Commander of the Life-Guards Semyonovsky Regiment

Rossi, Pietro de. 1761/65-1831

The Battle between Nader Shah and the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah

Portrait of Charles XII (1682-1718), King of Sweden

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of a Man (Prince Muhammad Mirza(?))


Imam Ali and Qanbar

Portrait of Ulrika Eleonor of Sweden (1688-1741)

Anonymous Artist


There are 5396 works of art in this category

"N'est il pas vrai que tragédie renferme des beautés de premier ordre... "

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Map of the City of Kazan in the Mid-16th Century


Predistination Vessel. View from the Stern

Bridges across the River Moika

Sheet 31: Sato Tadanoby

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918


Fire in Moscow in September 1812

Cardelli, Salvatore. Active-1770-1825

Pavilion "House of Landlord" in the Polytechnic Exhibition in 1872

Soldier of the Life-Guards Hussar Regiment

Sauerweid, Alexander. 1783-1844

The Disciples of Jesus Baptizing

Winter Races on the Neva

Avnatomov, Agafon. 1816-1893

"Je crois que le parapluie va finir par crever"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Country House

Borel, Pyotr. 1829-1898

"A propos des Nouvelles caves de la Banque de France"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879